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The essence of Places-of-Distinction.com

Places-of-Distinction.com offers its members unique properties in secluded locations, each distinct in terms in style, exclusivity, and character.

We’re able to offer these incomparable properties to our members because we work as an owners’ club for some of the world’s most luxurious properties. Each property has been specially selected in accordance with our own high standards, taking into account not just the property location, but the overall experience that those visiting will be provided with.

 Whatever you’re looking for, Places-of-Distinction.com has something to offer, from discreet city hideaways to expansive .../... country estates, remote mountain lodges and picturesque chateaux. Our carefully curated collection boasts some of the most sought-after addresses available, which are simultaneously desirable yet wholly private.

If you’re looking for a property that not only offers exclusivity and privacy, but also exceptional service and hospitality, then Places-of-Distinction.com is the only place for you. This network has been created with a highly discerning clientele in mind, and is the only one of its kind in the world.

For those who are interested in joining our network, we offer our members a rare opportunity to share their unique clientele and reach travel professionals specialising in high-end hospitality.

Those who visit our properties are looking for private spaces where they can escape the demands of their own high-profile lives and reconnect with their loved ones.

Places-of-Distinction.com properties

When properties are selected, we consider the overall experience that they will provide to our clientele, who are accustomed to the very best in all things that life has to offer. To help ensure that our properties will meet our clientele’s expectations, we choose them in accordance with the following eight golden criteria

-       Exclusive use: one party at a time

-       Exceptionally attractive location 

-       Exclusive surroundings 

-       Responsible tourism practices and care for the natural environment 

-       Size: fewer than 20 rooms 

-       Exceptional, warm, efficient, friendly and discreet service 

-       Personalised dining with a private chef 

-       Experiences beyond expectation


This criteria was put together by utilising the expert high-end hospitality and travel knowledge of everyone involved in Places-of-Distinction.com, as well as by gauging the expectations of our clients.


Reservations and servicing direct clients

At Places-of-Distinction.com, we appreciate that each individual who chooses to find a property with us will be looking for something that matches their unique likes and interests. In order to find the best possible match for our clients, we have a sophisticated reservation system in place.

Within minutes of an enquiry, clients will receive a prompt response from our knowledgeable reservations team. The team has updated information on each member’s property on hand, allowing them to accurately and efficiently answer any enquiries.

Additionally, the team is able to advise clients by taking note of their personal preferences and expectations, taking the time that is needed to understand a client and their individual needs. Our reservations team is vital in the successful transformation of an enquiry into a firm booking, and having them on your side will ensure your property’s continued growth and success.

"It's not how much it costs, it's how much it's worth”


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